Belle-Anse is a town of approximately 158,000 citizens, with no doctors and a few nurses.

We are in the process of building a medical clinic to help alleviate the strain in Belle-Anse, which currently only has one clinic available.

In contrast, our local Providence, Rhode Island community, a city of approximately 179,219 citizens, has access to more than a dozen clinics and hospitals, not including access to private care.


Belle-Anse is one the poorest cities in Haiti, and many people survive by fishing. The town sells fish to other nearby towns and Port-au-Prince.

NS4HS has a strong track record of proven successes, accountability and in the past five years, despite limited financial and logistical means. We have been able to establish and maintain a strong, reliable partnership with the Haitian community of Belle-Anse. This partnership offers both regions an opportunity to build strong relations. NB4HS with Rhode Island donors are in the process of building a new medical facility to help elevate clinic conditions. Beyond our construction work with the clinic, we continue our commitment of leading efforts for fair and just programming aimed at providing scholarships, tuition fees, uniforms, school supplies, and teaching materials within the school system. In addition to our health and education work, we are also helping with the collection and distribution of food.