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Nowhere is advocacy work more evident than at the core of NB4HS’s mission of building bridges. This important work allows NB4HS to give voice to the concerns, hopes, and frustrations of being Haitian in Rhode Island while supporting residents with translation and case management services.  A primary goal of our advocacy is to raise awareness in the larger community to the unique challenges Haitians face as well as the contributions they make to the vitality of the State.  Our advocacy work seeks to build collaborative relationships that can address the needs of our community and provide opportunities for better understanding, unity, and upward mobility.


Some of the advocacy activities include national appreciation and celebration of Haitian Independence Day on May 18th each year.   Other events include the Boston Haitian Festival and a fall celebration of Haitian culture. As mentioned above, we have worked in concert with local media to spotlight significant concerns in the community.  These media outlets include Providence Journal, RI Future, 12 EYEWITNESS NEWS, ABC 10, ABC 6, RI-NPR, Providence Business News, WPOR, and Roger Williams University and Brown University media centers.  Our collaborative community partners include Dorcas International, Salien de Don Bosco, Sodexo, The Refugee Dream Center, The African Alliance of Rhode Island, Rhode Island Free Clinic, and The Rhode Island Coalition Against Violence.  Our Municipal partners include the City of Providence, The state of Rhode Island Governor’s Office, the Department of Education, the Department of Health, and the Department of Labor & Training.  


NB4HS has emerged as the primary agency serving Haitians living in Rhode Island. Begun as a grassroots organization founded by a Haitian immigrant, the agency's mission has always been directed as the Haitian community.

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