Aid to haiti

Citizens of Belle-Anse and NB4HS volunteers_

Back in the homeland, Haiti, the New Bridges for Haitian Success (NB4HS) works to improve the living conditions in the southeastern part of Haiti through educational and medical intervention. Our primary focus is mainly in the town of Belle-Anse, a place with over 158K residents with barely any functional health system and poor access to education. The population is still reeling from the devastations of the 2010 earthquake and more recently, Hurricane Matthew. Many still live in tents and hardly have access to food or clean drinking water. Our effort, therefore, has been a major contribution in alleviating the lives of people in that community though still, a lot has to be done.

In February 2019, we sent an ambulance donated by Lt. Governor Dan McKee and the town of Lincoln, RI. This will not only address mobile emergency medicine but will be a life-changer for this community as it will be the first ambulance in that town.


Over the past years, we have enjoyed and unwavering support from the local Rhode Island community whose generosity has made our activities in Haiti possible. We have in the past sent a shipping container full of supplies to Belle-Anse community, and we have one more.


getting the word out


Partnered with the second largest order in the Catholic Church, the Salesiens of Don Bosco, to oversee the work that we are doing in Haiti.

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Distributed hundreds of supplies to the affected children and community of Belle-Anse.

Distributed toys to kids as school prepared to re-open.


Delivered basic medical supplies to hundreds of people and donated items to the medical clinic in Belle-Anse.

The notable media outlet in Haiti, Television Metropole -LePoint, Television Caraibe -Journal Premye OKasyon, and Radio One interviewed founder, Bernard Georges on efforts connecting Haiti and Rhode Island

A word from Le Nouvelliste in Haiti