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Donating to our scholarship is a direct way to support Rhode Island Haitian youth students. We guarantee you 100% of your donation goes directly to student support via scholarships. Please make check payable to: New Bridges for Haitian Success Scholarship Program.

In October 2018, New Bridges for Haitian Success, Inc provided three educational scholarship to members of the Haitian community in Rhode Island.

Thank you to city councilor President David Salvotore for being the provider of three educational scholarships to members of the Haitian Community in Rhode Island.

Let's Make A Change

New Bridges for Haitian Success is a registered 501 (c) 3; contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


We Help to Create a Lifetime of Opportunities

In Rhode Island Schools

New Bridges for Haitian Success has successfully advocated for educational opportunities here in Rhode Island. We have provided scholarships for Haitian students to continue higher education in Rhode Island and assisted Haitian immigrant and Haitian-American students to apply for scholarships and college entrance at Roger Williams University, Johnson and Wales University, Rhode Island College and other schools in the state.

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NB4HS provides civic education services and advocacy including, tenant law, immigration services, and citizenship education to help Haitian immigrants become Haitian-Americans and integrate into American society empowered and aware of their rights as citizens.
Our partnership with Practico Innovation has paid dividends. Practico Innovation is dedicated to providing minority technology students and entrepreneurs with seed funding and education.


In Haiti

We have a close relationship with the schools in our partner community of Belle-Anse. In February 2019 and in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in 2016, we donated a container of school supplies for the affected children of the city along with toys and and basic medical supplies to ensure that the children there could learn and play safely and healthily. We continue to partner with the Catholic Order of Saliens of Don Bosco to partner with our work in the Belle-Anse.

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