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Marc Délia


NB4HS adult education programs target Haitians living in Rhode Island, comprising 95% of its program participant population.  This effort is significantly challenged by the language barrier that almost all Haitian immigrants must confront. Haitian Creole is the primary language of Haitians, with some people also speaking French.  English is not taught in Haitian schools.  This language issue is further exacerbated by a very low literacy rate amongst Haitians (Haiti has the lowest literacy rate in the Western Hemisphere at 60%).

The agency has tailored its program design to meet this challenge.  Utilizing a dual-language approach, NB4HS is able to meet students where they are and simultaneously address student language issues while making academic progress in preparation for gainful employment in an English-speaking work environment.

NB4HS presently has two Instructors. Our teachers are highly experienced adult educators, including a supervising instructor with a master’s in Cross-Cultural Studies and English as a Second Language, who has published extensively on multilingual learners and provided ESOL instruction in various settings since 1980.  


Another teacher, a native speaker of Haitian-creole, has a strong understanding of the cultural dynamics of the classroom and the needs and strengths of Haitian learners. She has a master’s degree in Education.

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