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Census 2020


#2020Census, Fòk Nou Tout Konte: Pèp Ayisyen Nou konte, e Nap Pran Desten Nou Nan men pou Census/Resansman 2020 an 


Frè ak sè nou yo, sòti Mas sa a pou rive JEN wap resevwa papye ki sòti nan Biwo Census/Resansman ki ap mande nou pou enfomasyon tankou non ak dat nou fèt e konbyen moun ki gen nan kay nap viv la. Nou dwe ranpli fòm sa a.


United States




What is the Census / Census?

Every decade the U.S. state counts all people living in the United States.

Important: Don't be afraid if you live legally or illegally, you are the one who counts.

Why participate in completing the Census / Census?

Here is why it is important to participate in the Census / Census:

- It is the result of this census that the Central American State will use to distribute more than 675 billion annually to support work being done in:

- States, Countries, Programs / Projects relevant to communities such as: Home, Work, Health, Education, Public Transportation and Public Policy over the next ten years.

How or where can you fill out the Census / Census form?

Here's how:

- Call us for this information.

-You can go to the 2020Census website to fill out the form as well.

- And you may receive the census form in the mail, in which case you will complete it and return it.

What are the risks of completing this form?

Don't be afraid to provide the requested information because under U.S. law, the Census / Census Bureau cannot share information with ICE or other private or political institutions.

This message is possible thanks to the support of Census Bureau, New Bridge For Contemporary Success (NB4HS) and its Partners

Our Founder and Executive Director, Bernard Georges, will continue to be available to public entities (i.e.  Lt.  Governor and President of Providence City Council Daniel McKee, Councilwoman Sabina Matos) to assist with translations, and provide accurate information between the community and the public entities managing the pandemic (health department, human services, labor & training, etc.).

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