Braxton Howard Medlin

Immigration Attorney

In August 2021, New Bridges for Haitian Success welcomed a new volunteer: Braxton H. Medlin, Esq. Together, they have been able to provide much-needed resources to garner statewide support for immigrants and asylees seeking to assert their legal rights. NB4HS is the voice that strengthens and uplifts the Haitian and Afro-Caribbean communities, so all members feel self-sufficient and included. NB4HS assists approximately 3,000 unduplicated persons annually. Most clients, primarily Haitian, live in the Providence-Metro area, most in the City of Providence. NB4HS's core vision is to support Haitians living in Rhode Island seeking a new life and maximizesthe opportunities that exist. As having legal status in the United States presents a barrier to these bridges to new opportunities, having an attorney to help with legal consultations and representation is essential.


  • Attorney Consultations

36 Family consultations

  • Attorney Representation

16 non-detained clients

5 non-detained removal proceedings

1 non-detained employment authorization

  • Attorney Presentations

1 Community Know Your Rights presentation

1 Community Outreach Meeting

  • NB4HS Policy Initiatives

Driver’s License for All Support: Provided policy support to the ‘Safe Roads’ bill that would provide driver’s licenses without regard to immigration status, thus improving public safety for all. 

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