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Eligibility criteria vary depending on the program or initiative. Generally, our services are available to Haitian immigrants in Rhode Island, but specific requirements may apply.

Who is eligible for NB4HS services?

You can access NB4HS services by contacting our office, visiting our website, or attending our outreach events. Our staff will assist you with the enrollment process and provide information about available programs.

How can I access NB4HS services?

Many of our services are free or offered at a minimal cost. Some programs may have eligibility requirements or fees associated with participation. Please inquire for more information.

Are NB4HS services free?

Yes, NB4HS welcomes volunteers and donations to support our programs and initiatives. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for opportunities to get involved or contribute.

Can I volunteer or donate to NB4HS?

NB4HS takes privacy seriously and follows strict protocols to safeguard personal information. We do not share or disclose your information without your consent, except as required by law. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.

How does NB4HS protect my privacy?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
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